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Our services

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From the kick-off of your competition to the announcement of the winners, we’ll be by your side, providing guidance and expert advice. We’ll work with you to ensure a value-added experience for every participant. By delivering value, even to those who don’t win, we can increase the quality of your intended outcome, build a community of dedicated solvers, and align your organization with the latest trends in crowdsourcing and brand marketing.

The breadth and depth of our services ensure that your competition will exceed its established goals.  Let us help you discover the model for a competition that’s right for your organization, so that we can meet your needs and help solve your most challenging problems.

Competition Design

We will present the type of competition that meets your needs; calculate incentive(s) to attract participants; create submission and review processes; advise your marketing strategy; and finalize all legal terms and conditions.

Website Design and Development

We will deliver a compelling visual website for your competition that is tailored to complement your brand and attract participants, providing them with a clear, open, and transparent experience.

Platform Customization

We will customize your online infrastructure to support registration, foster collaboration, facilitate submissions, to support the judging process, and to produce the final results.

Management of the Competition

After the competition launches, we will monitor participation, oversee discussion forums, respond to registrants as necessary, train and support judges, and provide on-going consulting services.


We will provide and analyze metrics to fine-tune each phase of participation, including statistics from participant registration to completion of each submission, and during judging we will ensure a successful review process through close coordination.

Project Management

We follow a standard project management methodology and regularly report to our clients the status of each competition.  We actively manage issues and risks and document those findings, to ensure accountability and to inform leadership.

Our Process

A look into our process.

When designing your competition, we follow a rigorous program of research.  During your kick-off meeting, we learn about the intent of your organization and identify the most appropriate models for you to consider.  We follow-up with a detailed Program Charter that includes a schedule of deliverables and a timeline for launching your competition.


We hear from you and present options to meet your goals.

prize Design

We research and deliver the best program for your competition.


We will brand, design and develop your competition.


We build infrastructure to support your needs.


We're on call for twenty-four hours to ensure a great start.


We excel at customer service, responding to inquiries promptly.


We would love to meet with you.

A quick call will answer any questions you might have and get us on the path to creating a plan for your needs.

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