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Competitions are hard work.
You shouldn't have to start from zero.

From kicking off your competition to announcing the winners, we’ll be by your side, providing guidance and advice. We’ll work with you to ensure a value-added experience for every participant.
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We've been designing and running competitions for 20 years. We're eager to partner with you to develop a plan for success.
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We'll walk you through the logistics of designing and running a successful competition so that you can make more informed key decisions.
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We will help you identify achievable goals and results that you can be proud of... no matter the purse size.

Common Pool's team is professional, friendly, and always available to provide necessary guidance.  They created an exciting competition that is expected to bring several new and creative ideas for economic development to our city.

Tammy Christensen
SC2 Grant Program Coordinator 
City of Las Vegas
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

why a competition?

Centuries of examples. Decades of experience.

For more than 400 years, competitions have been used to find answers to important questions.  They bring people together who might not otherwise attempt to solve a problem.  By transcending disciplinary and market boundaries, the chance of a breakthrough increases dramatically.

We work closely with you to understand your goals, and we engineer incentives to attract participation and produce results. 
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Mobilize Talent

Prizes spark the interest of diverse groups of experts and professionals.  Engage a broader community of focused interests and capture the attention of highly credible authorities.

Leverage Funds

Participants invest their own time and resources solving your problem, but sponsors only pay for the most effective outcomes.  You will only reward success, as you’ve defined it.

Discover New Solutions

The cross-pollination of ideas from different backgrounds and skill sets unleashes creativity, allowing solvers to generate new breakthroughs, that you might not have imagined.

Influence Stakeholders

Well designed prizes generate newsworthy coverage, activate our sponsors’ brands, and shape a better public understanding of the target problem and your intended outcome.

Customer Stories

Common Pool played a pivotal role in helping us launch the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge.  Every member of their team has been a valuable and responsive partner as we developed both the concept and technical structure for our initiative.

Devin Cook
IIC Executive Producer

The Open Government Awards had a broad geographical and cultural reach that presented a unique set of questions and situations. Common Pool did a terrific job of addressing and managing these quickly and appropriately.

Munyema Hasan
Program Officer
Open Government Partnership Support Unit

Common Pool's team is incredibly diligent, scientific and creative. Together, they have a formula that is paving new ground in the prize field, and I believe they will continue to lead us to future scientific breakthroughs.

Chad Lipton
Program Manager for the Energy Initiative 
National Geographic Society

The platform that Common Pool designed and built for us supported over 2,000 registrations with more than 22,000 individuals from 174 countries. We couldn’t be happier with the support and service we’ve received.

Ali Rose
Senior Manager 
The Genesis Prize Foundation


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